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MIMO OFDM Audio Visual Tutorial

Tutorial Summary

This tutorial is an in-depth technical tutorial on MIMO OFDM that will enable you to get a grasp of this technology. MIMO OFDM is an important technology for both WiFi, WiMax and 4G communication systems. The tutorial presents the formulation of the MIMO channel in terms of the per carrier H matrix and derives the MIMO equalizer for both zero forcing and MMSE equalizers including a discussion of Maximum Likelihood decoder. The performance of open loop MIMO systems through channel analysis is presented followed by a detailed tutorial on SVD closed loop MIMO systems. The performance of closed loop beam forming MIMO OFDM systems is presented with performance curves comparing performance to open loop MIMO OFDM systems. A tutorial on transmit diversity for both the Alamouti scheme and CDD is presented.

A complete MIMO OFDM system including Receiver Architecture is presented based on the draft IEEE 802.11n standard. This includes complete description of the per carrier training for the estimation of the H matrix at the receiver. AGC refinement is also covered. By using the Draft IEEE 802.11n as a foundation all bases are covered for a complete understanding of an end-to-end MIMO OFDM system including transmit and receive diversity and compatibility with legacy OFDM systems.

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MIMO OFDM Tutorial Topics
Topic Duration
MIMO OFDM Multipath Fading Channel, Channel H Matrix Formulation
MIMO Equalizer (Zero Forcing), Noise Enhancement, MIMO Performance
MMSE and ML Detection
SVD and Closed Loop MIMO Systems
Transmit Diversity, Alamouti Scheme, CDD
Training for per Carrier H Matrix Estimation
802.11n Draft and Receiver Architecture
AGC Refinement for MIMO OFDM

All topics use QuickTime for high quality video viewing. The tutorial includes a single download of all topics for off-line viewing. All topics include PDF documentation. The material is fully referenced.

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